At the Georgia Tech Sailing Club, we want to ensure the safety of our members as well as the members of our Lake Lanier hosts, the Lake Lanier Sailing Club. To do so, we have developed rules, guidelines, and procedures to allow a safe return to sailing. The following rules have been established to govern the participation of our members during the pandemic:

Face coverings are required for all activities.

All on campus meetings are now virtual.

Georgia Tech Sailors are not permitted to use the LLSC Clubhouse.

Sanitation equipment has been provided in the shed and should be used to wipe down high contact surfaces before and after use.

No food will be served by the Georgia Tech Sailing Club.

No more than two people should be in each row of a vehicle when riding to the lake.

Members are encouraged to only sail with the people that ride in the same car.

Maintain 6 ft distance between all persons when possible.

Follow all boat maximum occupancy restrictions. (Laser – 1, 420 – 2, Hobie 16 – 2, Santana 20 – 3, J22 – 4, Catalina 27 – 4, J24 – 5)

Members are required to complete our contact tracing form prior to to any and all trips to the lake.

Links to our full rules document and contact tracing form are below.